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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can a friend, family member, or caretaker ride along? Is there and added cost for riders?

A:   Yes, we can usually accommodate up to 2 riders, however there can be an additional charge for each person.

Q: Is a trip to the grocery store (or other non-medical destination) covered by my Insurance?

A: No, Minnesota Medical Insurance typically only covers trips for medical purposes. (However, some coverage provided through a Managed Care Organization does cover some non-medical transports, Check with your care coordinator.)

Q: Can you move my belongings when I move to a new location?

A: We can transport up to 3 bags or boxes along with a client. We cannot transport furniture, appliances, large electronics, or other large items.

Q: Does Medicare cover this service?

A: No, Medicare does not cover non-emergency medical transportation.

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