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Our Services & Drivers

  • Wheelchair Medical Transportation
  • Ambulatory Medical Transportation
  • Elderly Medical Transportation
  • Nursing Home Medical Transportation
  • Hospice Medical Transportation
  • Doctor appointment Transportation


Curb-to-curb transport

  • The passenger waits outside their home, waiting for the driver to, hopefully, arrive punctually. The driver will pull up and stop in front of the curb and help the passenger onto the vehicle. Once they arrive at the destination, they will help the passenger out of the vehicle before driving away.

Door-to-door transport

  • Door-to-door service includes everything described above, but includes taking the passenger to the door of the school or doctor’s office. On the ride back, the rider will walk the passenger all the way back to their door. Going the extra twenty steps or so ensures the safety of passengers and offers them peace-of-mind knowing that they will have assistance throughout the entirety of the trip.

We’re equipped to transport passengers of any level of mobility.  Whether you’re in a stretcher, a wheelchair, or walk with a walker or a cane, or you’re 100% mobile, we’ve got the ride for you.  

The Rides

Our vans are easy to get into, the floors are low, the tops are raised, and there are ramps for easy entry and exit.  We have a wide variety of vehicles in our fleet to accommodate all kinds of situations. Every one of our vehicles is 2012 or newer.  We keep them in top condition so you have a first-class experience; every vehicle is cleaned every day, and detailed once a week. (Our Vehicles)

The Experience

Your safety, comfort, and positive experience are our top priorities.  We even keep a wide selection of music available in each vehicle, to make your ride more enjoyable!

Sunset Mobility Transportation provides special medical transportation services. Our main focus is providing transportation to or from healthcare facilities. This service is also referred to as Non Emergency Medical Transportation. In addition, we gladly provide service to other destinations, such as workplaces, social events, family visits, etc. Most of our clients use a wheelchair to aid mobility, though we also provide service for clients who can ambulate with assistance and do not use a wheelchair. The type of service we provide is also referred to as ‘door-through-door’ or ‘driver-assisted’ transportation service.


-A typical transport would require our driver to meet our client inside their home/apartment/room, assist the client out to our vehicle and safely secure them into the vehicle, once at the destination, our driver would assist the client out of the vehicle, then escort him or her to the appropriate specific destination within a healthcare facility or office building. After confirming that they are at the correct destination, our staff would leave our dispatch phone number to assist with a return ride (if necessary).

The services we provide are regulated by the Minnesota Department of Transportation. MNDOT Special Transportation Services (STS) regulations (link to MNDOT STS regulations) require that all of our drivers meet stringent safety and training standards. These standards include but not limited:

  • Criminal Background screening
  • Driver Physical qualifications meeting USDOT CFR49 standards
  • STS Driver training relating to Passenger Assistance, Defensive Driving, First Aid, other issues relating to transporting vulnerable adults (20 hours total)

MNDOT staff conduct annual audits of our company to review our operations and safety records and inspect each vehicle in our fleet.

Sunset Mobility provides additional driver training (12 -20 hours) and requires all drivers to comply with our Drug and Alcohol policy that specifies pre-employment and random testing.

Sunset Mobility Transportation began operating in 2017. Since then, we have built an exceptional service record and have demonstrated our strong commitment to serving the special transportation needs of our area. Our team has doubled in the last 3 months. We expect it to double again by the end of 2018. This is due to our wonderful clients and how much their appreciate our services.

Sunset Mobility motto is to go above and beyond, from helping wheelchair-bound passengers safely navigate steps and sidewalks to offering an arm to the elderly. Sunset Mobility Qualified drivers are trained to be able to accommodate passengers of varying disabilities, providing emotional comfort and physical support as needed. We believe that caring, compassionate drivers will go above and beyond, treating passengers like they’re family. Imagine how you would treat a loved one—would you leave them on the curb, or would you help them all the way to the door? The same should apply to your NEMT service. NEMT service should be more than a ride from the point of origin to the destination

Meet our Transport Team

All of our transport crew members are trained in safe operation of the wheelchair lifts,  transportation safety features, and defensive driving, as well as patient sensitivity, elder sensitivity, HIPAA rules, and situation & response guidelines.   They are all drug, alcohol and smoke-free, and the result is a team of caring, professional, pleasant transporters who are enthusiastic about ensuring your experience is a sensational one!

The Drivers

Our drivers are rigorously trained, checked, and tested.  They are all drug, alcohol and smoke-free, and we reward them for excellence.  The result is a team of top-quality transporters who care about you, your family, and your transportation experience. Our drivers are rigorously trained, checked, and tested. We are a new specialized transportation service provider (STS) in Minnesota. We are prepared to meet and exceed our clients’ needs of transportation services. We are reliable, professional and compassionate. All Sunset Mobility drivers are also certified in but not limited to: Elderly Patient Sensitivity, HIPAA, First Aid and Defensive Driving

Vehicle Selection

We have minivans, full-size vans, and specialized, and a Rhino “mini-ambulance” vans, to accommodate a wide range of patient, passenger, and family situations.   

how can we help you?

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